Vodka Cocktail Recipes with Secco

Secco Recipes - How to Garnish Vodka Cocktails

✧ Skinny Spritzer: Vodka and soda with a squeeze of lime and Ginger Lime Secco.

✧ Summer Crush: Blend a double shot of Vodka, a handful of frozen raspberries, ice, and a dash of rose syrup in a blender. Pour into a tumbler and top up with Soda. Finish with Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Secco.

✧ Brunch Deluxe: Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Club Soda. Pour over ice and serve in a tumbler. Garnish with Pepper Berry Secco.

✧ Vodka & Tonic: Vodka, Tonic and Spiced Pomegranate Secco.

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